Thematic Curriculum ~ Year 1 Hooked!

Posted: 25th April 2024

Our Thematic Curriculum

Our thematic curriculum seamlessly integrates various disciplines, enabling our pupils to make meaningful connections and to uncover the interconnectedness of knowledge. Embedded within this curriculum are range of trans-disciplinary skills, which make up Our Story, meticulously woven into every facet of learning.


Collaboration is not just encouraged, but celebrated, as students engage in group projects, discussions, and problem-solving activities. Through collaborative efforts, they learn the invaluable lesson of teamwork and collective achievement.

Reflection is another cornerstone of our curriculum. We understand the importance of metacognition – the ability to think about our own thinking. By encouraging pupils to reflect on their learning journey, we empower them to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies for growth. This reflective practice instils a lifelong habit of self-awareness and continuous improvement.

Ownership is a principle we hold dear. In our classrooms, students are not passive recipients of knowledge but active participants in their own learning. They take ownership of their educational journey, setting goals, making choices, and taking responsibility for their actions. This sense of ownership instils a sense of agency and empowerment, equipping our students with the confidence to navigate the world around them.

Moreover, our thematic curriculum serves as a catalyst for making meaningful links across various areas of learning. Humanities, in particular, is driven by pupil voice, ensuring that students’ interests, perspectives, and experiences are at the forefront of their education. By closely aligning with the overarching theme of each half term, our humanities curriculum not only enriches pupils’ understanding of the world but also fosters a deep sense of engagement and relevance.

Our Story

Year 1 ~ Toys Through Time

To start this half term’s learning, Year 1 discovered a time capsule in the school grounds during their Humanities lesson last week. When they unpacked the contents, they realised there were lots of old and new toys inside. The children wondered about who had sent the time capsule and thought it might have come from someone who wanted us to know about their toys. Year 1 discussed which toys they recognised and which they didn’t. In a bid to enrich pupils’ grasp of chronology, Miss Loat and Miss Williams will be using the artefacts in their History learning this term.

Over the decades, toys have evolved from simple playthings to sophisticated tools that not only entertain but also educate. This shift is particularly evident when examining toys from the Victorian era to the present day. During the Victorian era, toys were often handmade and rudimentary in design. Wooden dolls, tin soldiers, and spinning tops were commonplace, reflecting the technological limitations of the time. However, even these humble playthings offer invaluable insights into the historical context of their creation. By exploring Victorian toys, pupils can gain a deeper understanding of the social, economic, and cultural norms of the era.

Fast forward to the present day, and toys have undergone a remarkable transformation. With advances in technology, toys have become increasingly interactive and educational. From programmable robots to augmented reality games, modern toys offer immersive learning experiences that engage and captivate young minds.

By tracing the evolution of toys over time, students can develop a chronological framework that enhances their understanding of history. Through hands-on exploration, they can compare and contrast toys from different eras, identifying key developments and trends. This process not only reinforces their knowledge of chronology but also fosters critical thinking and analytical skills. Moreover, integrating toys into the curriculum provides a dynamic and engaging approach to learning. Whether it’s recreating historical scenes with Victorian-era toys or designing futuristic inventions with cutting-edge technology, toys offer endless opportunities for imaginative exploration.

Incorporating toys into the classroom not only makes learning fun but also reinforces key concepts in a memorable and meaningful way. By harnessing the power of play, our Year 1 teachers are transforming the study of chronology into an exciting adventure through time, inspiring students to become lifelong learners.


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