Joining Prep

Why come to us?

As a firmly established educational institution in our local area with an outstanding academic record in results and scholarship attainment we are very attuned to the needs of children who perhaps, for whatever reason, are not experiencing the support they would like in their learning, challenged with academic rigour, who are finding it hard to thrive in their existing classrooms due to increased class sizes, or may not be enjoying a particular school environment.

Our curriculum

We are in a very fortunate position to be able to set our own unique child led innovative, creative curriculum, based on a thematic approach and led by the children’s own interests. We believe in subtle ongoing assessment to pick up on any issues with attainment, in order to provide seamless support within the school day. In the independent sector, we are accredited by our own group Education Directors, and by the Independent Schools Council with a continuing improvement approach, and so are not tied in to SATS – allowing the individual’s interests to shine through.

In year entry

We are a very small preparatory school often with two form entry, with only one year group per class. As such we pride ourselves on our family feel, our inclusiveness and our welcoming approach.

We are very used to children joining us at any point in the year, into each year group.

Experience us for yourself

We would recommend that if you were considering a school move, to come in to meet Cordelia Cripps, our Head, to get a better understanding of our approach, have a tour of the school, meet staff and existing pupils.

If you feel you would like to take your interest in the school further, we would invite your child for a Taster Day, for them to experience a typical school day, here at Sherborne House.

Contact us

To learn more, arrange a visit, or have an informal chat please contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Estelle Szasz on 023 80 252440 or email