STEPS to Leadership

Our STEPS to Leadership Programme is offered to the pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 this morning. The Sherborne House Leadership programme promotes a range of activities and experiences for our pupils that will help them to develop leadership skills for the future, in addition to the activities of everyday school life.

The five strands of Skills, Team-building, Experiences, Partnerships and Service have been devised to encourage the children to plan and take part in flexible activities that can be undertaken at home or in partnership with school, without being prohibitive in terms of cost or resources. The children will very much be taking the lead on what they do, when and how they do it, keeping track of their achievements.

A copy of the programme outline is attached for your reference and each child has been given their own record card for the programme. In recognition of achievement at three different levels within the programme, children are awarded a STEPS to Leadership badge.

Each of the five strands contains 15 different elements.

Step 1 will be awarded after the completion of at least 5 different elements within each of the five strands

Step 2 on completion of at least 9 different elements per strand;

Step 3 on completion of at least 12 different elements per strand.