School Life

Through their time at the school, we endeavour to add year on year value to their education, ensuring that pupils who leave us are confident, articulate independent learners with a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity about the world around them, as well as tolerant, empathetic, well-rounded individuals.

Sherborne House encourages each individual child to explore the wonder and magic of learning by pursuing their own interests, cultivating their own curiosity, developing tenacity and providing the confidence to develop their own voice.

We have a progressive approach to child led learning, and believe in adapting our teaching to be responsive to the real world and its relevance to our children. We are agile in nature which imbues a sense of adaptability and preparedness for future challenges of academic rigour, career pathways and life’s journey.

From our small class sizes to our personalised learning provision, we do everything we can to ensure that each child flourishes and enjoys a successful time with us.

The Sherborne House advantage allows your child to:

~ develop academically; learning at a pace which supports their areas of development, whilst challenging their areas of strength. Each child is offered a broad and diverse curriculum; adapted in line with their interests and curiosities. Giving opportunity to apply skills for learning to a range of exciting themes and concepts

~ develop as a leader; taking responsibility at every stage of their learning, ensuring a sense of pride in everything they do. Each child is given the chance to represent their class or year group in school-based councils, represent their House in a range of competitions and events, and represent their school in inter-school regional and national competitions take part in a broad range of enrichment activities. The offer includes off-site excursions, during Golden Thread afternoons, to skiing, sailing, climbing and rafting, and on-site forest school and bushcraft experiences