School Progress Plan

Priority 1: The Sherborne House Academic Advantage

Through a challenging and cohesive academic curriculum, all staff at Sherborne House will ensure that:

  • the academic offer is broad, challenging and ensures each element of OUR STORY is developed and broadened throughout each child’s school career
  • 11+ preparation is individualised and targeted, beginning in Year 4, in partnership with parents and destination schools
  • through the development of resilience, courage and motivation in our Forest Schools & Bushcraft programme, children will develop an appreciation of the environment and
    understand their impact upon it
  • the scholars’ programme celebrates individuality and unique talents

Priority 2: The Sherborne House Enrichment Advantage

Through the development of our local partnerships and the enhanced Golden Thread programme, we will ensure that:

  • utilisation of local facility hire will provide more home fixtures and further develop local school partnerships
  • the investment in transport will provide increased opportunities for enrichment, Golden Thread activities and sporting pursuits
  • with the development of our Volunteer Programme, children will have an increased awareness and appreciation of the impact they can have when volunteering and taking part in charitable acts
  • expertise in pertinent fields are maximised through our Speaker & Expert Forum;
    providing insight, support and guidance for our school community
  • developing the use of our Wellbeing Garden supports the academic and emotional growth of all stakeholders within the school community

Priority 3: The Sherborne House Leadership Advantage

Each child will develop their leadership skills through the opportunities given to them:

  • In allocated Houses. Each child will be awarded recognition through OURSTORY skills and Golden Thread attributes
  • In year groups. Roles and responsibilities will be encouraged for all
  • When representing their class, their house or their year group in School Council, as Wellbeing ambassadors, librarians and digital leaders
  • Through Steps to Leadership. From Year 4, all children will work towards their stage 1,2 and 3 accreditation
  • When representing Sherborne House School at regional and national ISA sporting and academic competitions
  • When articulating learning to a range of audiences through child-led conferencing, visitor tours and assemblies