Mission, Vision & Aims

Our overarching purpose is to ensure that each child at Sherborne House has the best possible start in their educational story. The story that each child begins at Sherborne House becomes a golden thread that is stitched through every aspect of your children’s lives, ensuring that we provide them with the most solid foundation for their current and next steps in learning, for further education and for life beyond school.

We aim to be the golden thread which runs throughout our children’s lives – by instilling a love of lifelong learning and being progressive in approach and agile in responsiveness to the real world and its relevance to our children. We imbue a sense of inquisitive exploration and tenacity. This, mixed with the magic and wonder of learning can create powerful lifelong stories. These stories are embedded through our teaching, through the learning experiences of each pupil taught and through the journey that they will embark on here at Sherborne House School.

We are proud at Sherborne House School to encourage the individual to explore the wonder and magic of learning by pursuing their own interests, cultivating their curiosity, developing tenacity and providing the confidence to own their own voice. We have a progressive approach to skills-based child-led learning, and we believe in adapting our teaching to be responsive to the real world and its relevance to our children. Our curriculum is agile in nature, which imbues a sense of adaptability and preparedness for future challenges of academic rigour, career pathways and life’s journey.

Our aim is to engender confidence in exploration and innovation, entwined with awe about learning: sewing a golden thread which interweaves through your child’s educational life, enabling their enquiring mind to go on to write their own extraordinary story.