A day in the life of Pre-Reception

Our day starts from 7.30am, where the children meet in nursery to have breakfast and play with friends from other rooms. At 8.15am we walk over to Pre-Reception, ready for our action-filled day! First the children find their name badges and stick them onto their peg to put away their belongings. Then we play until the tidy up music is put on and children come and sit down for group time where we sing the days of the week, months of the year and how’s the weather today?

Phonics begins promptly at 9am where some children stream with Reception. The children are introduced to up to three sounds a week and are encouraged to identify words with those sounds, as well as writing it in different ways.

The children will then split into their two classrooms, Snowy Owls with Lauren and Barn Owls with Miss Dunne or Sophie, to begin their day. The theme of the week is introduced every Monday, with a new related activity introduced each day.

Throughout the day, the children receive specialist lessons from school teachers including French, PE and music, as well as continuous provision and adult led jobs.

At lunchtime, the children all go over to the Wise Hall and sit around the table together to share a family meal. The children pass around cutlery before the lunch is served by their adults. After lunch, the children head out to playtime in the early years garden or in their classrooms for free play.

The children will then continue their learning during continuous provision in the afternoon. The children are encouraged to extend their learning through planned adult-led jobs and independent activities, as well as construction, role play and messy play.

Later on in the day, the children will receive tea and enjoy downtime in the classroom before heading over to the nursery to wait for their parents and carers to pick them up. This will include cosmic yoga, scratch garden self regulation songs, stories and our favourite, Danny Go. The nursery will close at 6pm, for everyone to rest and prepare for another exciting day.