Pupil Blog: Sherborne House Olympics

Posted: 11th July 2024

The following blog was written by Edie, Year 5 pupil

On a boiling day on Friday 21st June, an amazing event happened in my school. This event happened on a golden thread afternoon. Everyone took part in a whole school Olympic day in honour of Paris Olympics 2024.

A week before the whole school Olympics, everyone was allocated a country which they made flags of later that afternoon. During this time, the Sports Council (made up of pupils in Years 3 to 6) and the whole Year 6 attended a meeting to discuss what the day would look like. In the meeting, we all had worked together to plan activities. We had to consider what equipment we would use and think about how to be a good leader.

The afternoon started with an opening ceremony where everyone was allocated their country. One person in each country who had the best flag would be chosen to carry their flag round the field for the ceremony. Every country walked round the field, one behind the other, waving their flag up high.

After the opening ceremony finished, each country departed onto a different activity. There were 11 activities and each country had a go on each one. The activities included: football, javelin, sprint and hurdles, which were all on the main field. On the court there were bikes with small ramps and uni-hock. On the front lawn there were seated volleyball and forest activities. In the hall and music room there were gymnastics and dancing.

When the day had ended there was a dance which was the activity in the music room. All the moves were based on Olympic sports like boxing, swimming and skiing. After the dance had finished, the awards ceremony began and 14 children were chosen for showing Olympic values of respect, friendship and determination. After all the classes returned to their classrooms to get ready to go home, we sports leaders tidied up all of the equipment and, just like that, the Sherborne House Olympics day had ended.

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