Southampton Festival of Music and Drama

Posted: 18th April 2024

Southampton Festival of Music and Drama was established in 1926, and has been providing a wide range of competitive music classes for both children and adults ever since. It has inspired the careers of many musicians and music teachers throughout the years and is a key landmark in the UK Festival Scene. It attracts entrants from a wide area and outstanding performances are selected for the Festival Concert, which is held at Thornden Hall in March.

The opportunities gained by performing in front of a live audience are immeasurable, both in enjoyment and also in the confidence gained by the performer. The Southampton Festival takes a great deal of organising and would not happen without the work of dedicated section administrators, committee members and volunteers who give freely of their time to make sure this event happens. Further, our very own Mrs Lee is the Chairman for the festival.

This year, Choirs Day and the Southampton Festival were particularly successful events for our pupils. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in Choirs Day on Friday 15th March, and over 60 children took part during the festival on Saturday 16th March. Many pupils were awarded Distinctions, and one achieved an Honours, which is very rarely awarded.

Both the vocal adjudicator & the speech and drama adjudicator commented positively on the standard of our entries. Mrs Lee has been delighted to report on the achievements of many of our pupils in this year’s festival:


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