A Snapshot of Kindness ~ Year 5 PSHE

Posted: 18th June 2024


In Year Five we have revisited the concept of kindness. The children thought about what kindness means to them and how they would like others to show kindness towards themselves. 

We thought about the impact of kind and unkind words may have on a person. This was illustrated in a practical way, whereby the children crumpled up a heart every time they heard that someone had been mean to the child in the story ‘Chrysanthemum.’ After the story, the children looked at their paper hearts and realised that they were creased and damaged and not the same as before.

During another lesson we had two identical apples. The children said kind words to one apple, and unkind words to the other apple. We then cut open both apples and discussed why the second one was bruised on the inside. Our children have gained an understanding that although a person may look fine on the outside, inside they may be hurting and damaged.

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