AcSEED Accreditation ~ Something to Celebrate!

Posted: 23rd January 2024

We are delighted to share that Sherborne House has been granted the AcSEED accreditation for our commitment to emotional well-being and mental health. After 18 months – 2 years of work, collating a significant amount of evidence, we are very proud to be the first independent  school in Hampshire to be recognised for this award. Mrs Holmes has driven the initiative from start to finish, compiling evidence from across the school. 

Our whole-school community have helped contribute towards this award and have demonstrated this through the following: school routines, classroom environments, independent learning from pupils, discussions in lessons and assemblies, school policies and procedures, a staff wellbeing committee, and our dedicated group of pupils who are Wellbeing Ambassadors. AcSEED were particularly impressed with the school’s well-established and embedded approach to mental health and wellbeing. 

The accreditation is certainly something for us to celebrate!

About AcSEED

The AcSEED Initiative is a charitable organisation exclusively focused on promoting the need for high quality emotional wellbeing and mental health support in UK schools and colleges, and provides recognition through The AcSEED Award to those organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to such support. Founded by young people with lived experience of wellbeing challenges at school, the wellbeing framework defined by AcSEED encourages a whole school approach to emotional wellbeing and mental health support.

Our Success

“AcSEED promotes adoption of best practices in supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people in UK schools and colleges, and provides recognition for organisations that satisfy the AcSEED criteria for wellbeing support” said Charlotte Gatherer, founder of The AcSEED Initiative. “The AcSEED assessment team were particularly impressed by the strong wellbeing ethos at Sherborne House School, by their comprehensive range of mental health and wellbeing provisions supporting both pupils and staff, and by their close collaboration with external wellbeing organisations and with parents. We are therefore delighted to announce that Sherborne House School has been accredited with The AcSEED Award”.






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