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Posted: 23rd November 2023

Last week we launched our most recent charity appeal on behalf of Romsey-based Baby Necessities. A non-profit organisation, the charity was launched in 2020, during the pandemic. The charity aims to alleviate the financial pressures of new parents facing hardship, by providing baby items no longer needed or by collecting donations of toiletries and basic supplies. On the run up to Christmas we would like to support the charity and create some much-needed essentials-bundles for local families. As a school we have decorated our Giving Tree with gift tags detailing the essential donations needed for a range of families. If you would like to donate, visit our Giving Tree which takes pride of place in the main school house.

Over the coming weeks, our School Council will convene to decide upon the charities and charity events we will support, as a school, this academic year. With pupil voice remaining central to decision making, each year group will pledge support for local and global charities, discussing impact and the focus for fundraising efforts. Once all charities have been introduced, a vote will be taken by all pupils. We look forward to sharing our choices with you. A common thread through the recent Children in Need appeals has been a push to support those suffering most during the current cost of living crisis; this will form a basis for our decision making, thinking about ways we can make a positive impact on both local and global communities.

As a school we are keen that these charitable and fundraising efforts focus on opportunities for:

  • Advocacy
  • Service
  • Leadership

Whilst each of these is a distinct action, none are mutually exclusive. Through taking ownership and responsibility for fundraising efforts or for building awareness around a cause or charity; leadership skills will undoubtedly come to the fore. With emphasis on pupil voice, we are eager that fundraising involves ideas driven by the children.

This has already begun in Year 6, where a group of articulate (and very persuasive!) girls presented a pitch to fund raise in order that the school sponsors a tiger at Marwell Zoo. Throughout the presentation, the children’s knowledge about the plight of different species was compelling. Their fundraising efforts have included selling a range of craft items, perfect for gifts at Christmas.

During my weekly run club with Years 4, 5 and 6, there has been a pledge to complete a collective sponsored distance in January. This idea arose through discussion about one running club member’s very successful speech, which will form part of the regional final of Bellevue Speech Competition. The speech, entitled ParkRun for Life, outlined the benefits of running to both mental and physical health. Advocating for the cause, Leo Rogers (our keen ParkRunner) also spoke of his commitment to volunteering at this free weekly event, citing his pride at the ability to ‘give back’. His advice, in turn, has inspired a number of staff members signing up for the Eastleigh 10km race in March!

In June, we will raise the profile of volunteering throughout the national Volunteers’ Week (1st-7th June 2024). In partnership with other schools, as Houses, year groups and as individuals, we will be thinking about ways that we can help locally and globally with causes that are important to us. We look forward to sharing our plans with you over the coming months.

Cordelia Cripps, Head

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