Sherborne House taking part in ‘live events’

Posted: 12th July 2022

It has been wonderful this year to be able to take part in, and have our own ‘live’ events. The summer term is always busy and this year in June, we were treated to a summer concert featuring singers, instrumentalists, choirs, the orchestra and of course the school rock band.

At the beginning of July, year 6 took part in the Winchester Hat Fair Carnival. They designed and created their own costumes on the theme of ‘Feast of Cultures’. They printed their own t-shirts, made collars, belts, flags and decorated chef’s hats, having chosen 5 different areas of the world. After the Carnival procession they were able to be an audience for the opening performances of the Hat Fair.

Our year 6 production was ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’, thoroughly enjoyed by both performers and audience members alike. Diverse characters such as Captain Redbeard (which was of course pink), Pearl Periwinkle, Admiral Hornhonker, Dead Eye Dinghy and Chief Wonga helped tell a story of pirates, treasure, adventure and a tropical island.

Music does not stop when school does. ON Saturday 16th July our Rock Band is pleased to be the opening act on the World Stage at the Southampton Mela at Hoglands Park. Do come along at 12 to support them.

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