We believe every child shines at something, so we encourage all pupils to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs we offer. They also provide an opportunity for pupils to help build teamwork, resourcefulness, confidence and personal initiative.

Sherborne House offers a wide variety of clubs every day which usually take place after school, with a few clubs also taking place at lunchtime. They include a range of performing arts activities, several sports clubs, and various arts and craft activities. Clubs are rotated and varied throughout the year and supplemented by visiting teachers who offer additional specialist clubs.

Our after school programme offers several clubs for each year group every school evening. Alternatively, children can attend Lakewood to finish their homework in a quiet environment then relax with friends up until 6pm. This gives parents flexibility for collection, safe in the knowledge that their children are doing something fun and constructive. You can also read more about our wraparound care.

You can see all clubs at a glance, or download a printable version of the club timetable to put up at home.