School Progress Plan

Over the last three years, Sherborne House School has been working on a number of key initiatives as part of the School Progress Plan. These include the development of:

    • Talk for Writing in English
    • Learning Powers
    • Progressive calculation strategies in Maths
    • Swivl video recording and coaching

Sherborne House have recently undertaken a series of activities to evaluate its provision. As part of this, the school reached out to those closest to the school - our parents, pupils and staff - to understand areas of strength and particular points for development. The findings have been incorporated into a School Progress Plan.

Over the next academic year, Sherborne House will be focusing on three key areas which are aligned with our mission and will support us in bringing our vision to life. The three key areas are:

Progress against 2019-2020 Targets

  • The successful roll out and expansion of our award-winning Nursery provision
  • Maintenance of a robust and responsive online and key worker provision to ensure continuity of education
  • Development of reporting structures to ensure full understanding and visibility of each child’s learning
  • The development of Senior Schools Evening
  • Further investment in Chromebook technology to enhance learning

    Priority 1

    Continue to improve the home school partnership


    A series of Parent Workshops and Webinars; focussing on academic and pastoral matters, such as:

    • assessment
    • 11+ preparation
    • phonics
    • mental wellbeing

    The development of Parents as Partners

    The further development of the home learning provision, which reflects the implementation of Google Classroom


    The home school partnership enhances the learning experience for every child

      Priority 2

      Develop the curriculum, ensuring that it is responsive and relevant, reflecting the interests of our children and the events in the wider world


      An audit of the curriculum and current practice; ensuring that curriculum direction reflects the ever changing world and provides our children with the transdisciplinary skills needed to succeed.


      Our children play an active part in the development of our curriculum, themes taught and current affairs addressed.

      Our children apply skills learned to speak with authority and confidence about the world in which we live.

      Priority 3

      Develop Pupil Voice; focussing on the attitudes our children have of themselves and school


      Implement a school-wide reward system which recognises progress and success and works to raise the self-esteem of pupils in regard to their learning.

      Further develop the House System to enable opportunities for leadership, excellence and celebration of the school community.


      All children can articulate how they learn best, what success looks like and what they need to do in order to improve.

        Download a copy of our School Progress Plan here, which also includes details of our school Vision, Mission and Core Values. Full details of this can be found on our school vision and aims page.