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Enquiring minds, extraordinary stories

Our Vision / Purpose

To be the golden thread which runs throughout our children’s lives – through instilling a love of lifelong learning by being progressive in approach and agile in responsiveness to the real world and its relevance to our children. We imbue a sense that inquisitive exploration and tenacity, mixed with the magic and wonder of learning can create powerful lifelong stories which are embedded from our teaching, the learning experience of our pupils and the journey that they will embark on…

We nurture enquiring minds, who go on to write their own extraordinary stories.

Our Mission / Aims

We aim to sew the Sherborne House golden thread through every part of our children’s lives, providing them with a solid foundation for further education and life itself.

The whole person is important to us, we imbue a strong moral compass within each child

Good friendships last lifetimes
Observance of honour towards others
Living both virtuously and courageously with
Developed social and emotional intelligence
Empowering confidence in oneself
Nurturing the ability to be extraordinary

and in this way ‘practical wisdom’ to provide a happy, fulfilling, well lived life.
Our educational provision is infused by encouraging

Tenacity and perseverance
Happiness and enjoyment in learning
Real world experiences
Exploration and enquiry
Agility to adapt
Delight in individuality

through underpinning rigorous academic provision within an enriched educational experience.
In this way we hope that our enduring golden thread is woven throughout each child’s life, much like Aristotle’s Ethics, by creating a virtuous golden circle which starts and ends with a happy individual.

Our Core Values / Guiding Principles

We dare to be different - we are not afraid to question old thinking; we are responsive and agile - if we can do better, we will.

We lead by example - compassion and kindness are strengths not weaknesses. We treat others how we would like to be treated.

We are curious, adventurous, creative and open minded – we challenge and are challenged, we take risks and embrace creative thinking. All the better if we make mistakes along the way, as this is how we develop resilience, learn and grow.

We are not all the same - and we think this is brilliant. We encourage other’s strengths (and support their weaknesses), we respect other’s interests, opinions and experiences and proudly celebrate who we are as individuals.

We are members of a culturally diverse, global community – we embrace difference, thrive with the opportunity to learn more, draw strength from diversity and togetherness and are committed protectors of the environment.

We believe in personal values – virtue, integrity, honour and sense of purpose and that we all contribute in some small way to the wider world through our behaviour.

We are a happy place – we believe that if you feel secure and happy you will achieve the best you can possibly be. We wholeheartedly strive to make our time at Sherborne House as enjoyable as possible, creating lifelong memories and a love of learning.

We are a family – like any family we want the best for the individuals within it. With candor we share with each other information, insight and advice in an open minded and straightforward way.

We are humble – we carry within ourselves a quiet confidence that we are the best that we can be and own our own voice.

Why we are different

Sherborne House School encourages the individual to explore the wonder and magic of learning by pursuing their own interests, cultivating their curiosity, developing tenacity and providing the confidence to own their own voice.

We have a progressive approach to child led learning, and believe in adapting our teaching to be responsive to the real world and its relevance to our children. We are agile in nature which imbues a sense of adaptability and preparedness for future challenges of academic rigour, career pathways and life’s journey.

Our aim is to engender confidence in exploration entwined with awe about learning – to sew a golden thread which interweaves throughout your child’s life enabling their enquiring mind, to go on to write their own extraordinary story.


Download our Vision, Mission and Core Values document here, which also includes details of our School Progress Plan for the upcoming academic year.

You can also find details of this on our School Development website page.