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Research shows that children who learn a musical instrument perform better in all other subjects.

We believe strongly that all children should have the choice to learn a musical instrument and make sure that there is a wide selection of instrumental tuition available in school so that pupils can learn instruments most suited to their personalities and learning styles.

Both pupils and parents are encouraged to discuss their choice of instrument with the Director of Performing Arts and the music staff so that the most suitable instrument may be chosen. If necessary pupils can have trial lessons to help them decide.

Music lessons available in school:

  • Individual singing lessons
  • Group singing lessons
  • Year 1 singing groups
  • Year 2 singing groups
  • Class recorder lessons (year 1)
  • Group glockenspeil lessons (year 1)
  • Class Ukulele lessons (years 2 & 3)
  • Group Ukulele lessons (years 4, 5 & 6)
  • Piano lessons
  • Keyboard lessons (year 4)
  • Guitar lessons – classical
  • Guitar lessons- electric
  • Flute lessons
  • Clarinet lessons
  • Saxophone lessons – Alto, Tenor, Soprano
  • Oboe lessons
  • Bassoon Lessons
  • Trumpet & Cornet lessons
  • Violin lessons
  • Viola lessons
  • Cello lessons
  • General Brass lessons – Trombone, Horn etc.
  • Percussion lessons – tuned and untuned
  • Drum lessons
  • Theory and Aural test lessons
  • Performance lessons
  • Musical Theatre Lessons

Fees will be advised by our Peripatetic Music Teachers.

Mrs Shelagh Lee, our Head of Music and Drama would be pleased to advise on tuition.