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What Our Parents Say

What our parents think is very important to us, as is the experience of each and every individual child in our care.

We regularly ask parents for feedback on how we are doing.

Parent Quotes

These quotes have been taken from our last Parent Survey in Autumn 2020.

“The school in our view provides an outstanding learning environment for our daughter. She enjoys every day at Sherborne; and we are happy that she is happy!”

“Excellent environment which brings the best out of the children and small size conducive to learning.”

“We love the caring family ethos and the wide curriculum / PE and arts opportunities. The school has been brilliant so far. Everyone is very well behaved, friendly, polite yet it isn't too stuffy / snobby.”

“This school is a lovely small school that has values which very much align with how I raise my children. The school focuses on working hard, trying to build confidence.”

“The clear structure and routines across the school set clear expectations for the children both in terms of what they do academically, but also their wider development. We value the specialist staff teaching - particularly PE, MFL and Music and feel that the enthusiasm for these (particularly the brilliant Mrs Lee!) is infectious for the children - this energy for non-core subjects complements the focus on English / Maths / Science so brings a good balance to the curriculum. We also really value the breadth of experiences that the children have access to - ranging from the sports away games where they work and play with a broader group of peers, to the in-school opportunities like the recent PSHE Giraffe Tent, Chinese Dragon Dancing etc - these all bring those learning experiences to life and make them meaningful.”

“Very happy with academic progress and also with the values that the school instils in the children. My children are very happy and look forward to going to school. They are challenged and I believe the school brings out the best in them.”

“My daughter seems very happy in her class. There is a structure to the day and she is being introduced to learning in a fun and positive way.”

“Great atmosphere. Caring teachers. Challenging curriculum. Extensive extracurricular offering. Friendly parents.”

“How kind everyone is and Welcoming. How they treat each child with care and give the best education. They understand each child's strengths and what they need to develop on.”

“Challenging the children and understanding them individually. Providing a varied curriculum and excellent teaching staff (Miss Warren is absolutely fantastic). The school is friendly and inclusive and is even better with the nursery provision.”

“My child feels safe and happy within the close-knit community created by the school. The school listens to suggestions and concerns raised by parents and does its best to accommodate / address the issue. Teachers are aware of my child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide work accordingly.”

Lockdown Leaning Parent Quotes

We have collected some of the feedback sent to us over this latest lockdown period by our parents related to home learning.

We have been running a full curriculum of live lessons throughout the day, every day, with an enrichment programme running alongside our remote learning to ensure ‘unplugged’ sessions of off screen time were built in to the week.

"We are thankful for your efforts, and amazed by the speed in which you went virtual and fully prepared."

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you all, for all the immense work that’s been implemented to deliver such wonderful online learning, and in such a swift and timely manner. Teachers are well and truly phenomenal; an ever growing and huge amount of respect for you all. Our child loved her first day back, virtually, and to see all her friends, her classroom and her teachers."

"The girls are in school today and will be there most days unfortunately as I’m about to enter into another Covid rota for the next peak that has been predicted. Thank you to the teachers doing so well with online learning and looking after all the frontline worker children. Having heard horror stories about schools at work I am very proud that the girls go to such a caring and excellent school."

"I would just like to say that we are very grateful for what you are doing. The home learning lessons were excellent and everything seemed to flow exceptionally well today. I know how hard it can be to teach children both online and in class at the same time. Hats off to you all."

"Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all school staff for their amazing response in this very last minute lockdown!"

"We are all very disappointed that the children will not return to school as normal but very grateful for the provision that you kindly provide and the schools continuing hard work."

"I simply wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their incredible hard work and resilience towards making sure our children are nurtured and continue to receive top quality education in these unprecedented times. Whilst making sure of their well-being, the level of academic support has been brilliant. In these strange times, when the pressure on the parents have quadrupled to manage work and family, the teachers have been exceptional to take one burden off our shoulders. The last couple of weeks have been particularly hard on our family personally and work pressures meant I couldn’t really check our child’s progress. However, from the constant support and progress monitoring from the teachers meant that she was well looked and contributing towards her excelling her personal targets which were evident from the head teacher’s award and various house points that were awarded. On behalf of our family, we want to thank you for all your efforts and true dedication to the children. Sherborne House Staff, you are true heroes!!"

"Thank you so much for the amazingly responsive communication following the announcement of national lockdown."

"I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed we are at the efficiency and organisation of the schools conversion to online learning. With no notice the school has achieved a seamless transition and the provision of books, handouts, instructions and timetables overnight appeared like a military operation! The calm manner and professionalism which Ms Cripps handled the Tuesday afternoon parent call was testament to such wonderful leadership."

"I would like to thank you and the whole Sherborne team for a marvellous job you’ve done so far this term. Online learning is so well prepared and key worker’s provision is very generous and runs smoothly. We really appreciate all hard work and heart you put into everything you do for our children ❤️"

"Also many, many thanks for the Keyworker provision, as the opportunity for wraparound care and provision of lunches has made this lockdown so much more bearable. We cannot thank you enough for all the school has done to support us."

"I would also thank you and the whole Sherborne team for a marvellous job you’ve done so far this term. Online learning is so well prepared and key worker’s provision is very generous and runs smoothly. We really appreciate all hard work and heart you put into everything you do for our children ❤️"

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the teachers and also to whole school for doing such an amazing job in current situation. We’re very pleased with online lessons, our child is really enjoying and it keeps him busy with his routine."

"We also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at the school for all your on-going hard work in not only managing to provide excellent home-schooling provision and maintaining as much normality in the children's lives as possible, but also for all the support you provide for us so we can continue working."