Tia in Year 1 has had some very exciting news.

As a result of our 1st of the Month Creative Writing initiative, Tia’s February creative story ‘The Emperor’s Clever Quest’ has been published on Amazon as an ebook for anyone around the world to download and read both via kindle & kindle app on any device.

The story takes the reader through the journey of nine Emperors in the ancient land of China who set out on a quest that could change the destiny of their kingdom.

Tia is very happy that her wish of becoming a book author has turned out to be true!

Tia’s mum and dad are equally as excited!

Here is the link:

Author’s profile:

Tia is a young 5 year old writer whose love for books and reading have always encouraged her dream to become an author. Even as a 3 year old, Tia's love for books got her reading many books ranging from 10 to 25 pages almost cover to cover. After enjoying books by many renowned authors around the world, 'The Emperor's Clever Quest' is Tia's debut as an author, where she aspires to spread the joy of reading to young readers like her. The author's own favourite reading genres extend over fiction & non fiction with special affinity to fairy tales and spiritual stories.