Children in years 4, 5 & 6 have taken a variety of performing Arts exams this term.

The English Speaking Board exams took place over two days. Each child learned a poem by heart, read aloud from a book of their choice, and presented a short talk to an audience. We have already received the results, and are very proud of the children, with over 50% of the children achieving a distinction and a 100% pass rate.

In early July LAMDA exams took place in school. As part of the curriculum, children in years 4,5 & 6 prepare for group devised exams , where they create their own piece of drama to a set theme. In addition children took exams as part of a duologue, or as an individual. We await the results.

During the summer term children have been sitting a variety of music exams in singing, violin, guitar, woodwind and piano and again we have a 100% success rate.