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Our Deputy Head and Y6 pupil Farah made a delivery of homemade biscuits to our local Covid Vaccine Centre, run in partnership between St Peter’s Church and the Boyatt Wood Pharmacy, for the pharmacy staff, centre volunteers and those receiving jabs, as a ‘thank you’ from Sherborne House School recently.

The pharmacy had contacted the school during lockdown offering its over 50 and vulnerable key worker teaching staff vaccinations toward the end of each day to prevent waste of the vaccine as batches reached the use by date, after NHS lists had been prioritised.

Family run business Medicine Clinic Ltd who run five local pharmacies leapt into action to help the vaccine effort by partnering with St Peter’s Church to create the pop-up centre. Owners Mitesh and Bhavini Patel had children at Sherborne House school, whilst existing parent Shadi Ganjavian-Connor and her daughter Farah, a current Year 6 pupil here at Sherborne House volunteered at the centre helping with the vaccination effort.

Cordelia Cripps, went along with Farah to present the batch of individually wrapped biscuits homemade by the school’s chef, to the on duty medics at the centre as a thank you for their support of key workers in the Chandler’s Ford community.

Cordelia said, “We just wanted to express our thanks in a small way to both Mr and Mrs Patel and all the staff and volunteers for supporting key workers on the local area, but perhaps also brighten the day of those getting their second or first jab this week.”