| Year 2

The Year Two children have been busy practising their measuring using millimetres, centimetres and metres.

The children organized themselves into small groups and decided which group member was to be drawn around; this created a great amount of excitement and laughter!

A discussion took place to decide which body parts the group wanted to estimate and then measure. The estimates were placed on a post-it note and then the measuring began.

The children accurately lined up either the metre stick or centimetre ruler and worked collaboratively to ensure that they read the measurement correctly. They were surprised at how close some of their estimates were.

The children were very engaged with this learning so, as homework, they were set the task of estimating and measuring the hands and feet of their family members. The children had to decide how they were going to record what they had found out. Some children drew up tables, which made it very easy to read the information. Christian went on to Purple Mash and recorded his measurements as a block graph.