| Year 2

Quills at the ready for Year Two as they experience writing 1666 style.

The Year Two children have been learning about the significance of Samuel Pepys’ diary and the important role it played in telling us about the events of The Great Fire of London.

The children were fascinated to learn that pens and pencils were not invented in 1666 and people wrote using quills. The children cut the quills to make nibs and then experimented with drawing patterns and shapes.

When confidence grew, they experimented with writing in both upper and lower case. The general consensus was that upper case letters were easier to form. The children then wrote a short extract pretending to be Louis Braille, documenting the events of The Great Fire of London. Some children extended their experience by using quills at home and practising their letter formation further.

Despite the novelty, everyone was pleased to return to pencil writing afterwards!