| Year 2

The children have enjoyed a wonderful two weeks as scientists and investigators.

In our STEM lessons, the children were keen to find out what ingredients made the best bubble mixture.

Last week the classroom became a laboratory and the children set about experimenting by mixing different liquids.

These included: shampoo, conditioner, water and fairy liquid.

The children were then able to test their mixture and compare it to the shop bought one. There were some excellent observations and suggestions as to why their mixture was better/not as effective as the shop bought one.

The children now want to find out whether it is possible to blow different coloured bubbles and to experiment using different sized wands.

In geography, the children have been very excited to find out just how many volcanoes there are in the world and why some are active and some not. They chose to design and make their own volcanoes and now want to try mixing ingredients to enable their volcano to erupt.