| Year 2

We have been busy developing our scientific skills. We set up an experiment to find out what would happen if hard boiled eggs were put in different liquids: water, vinegar and a fizzy drink.

The shell of the egg is like the enamel of our teeth, so this was a good chance to see what would happen to the shell of the eggs. The eggs were checked after 12 hours and then again after a further 12 hours.

Luke said: “The egg covered in water stayed exactly the same. Nothing happened to it.

Rosie said: “The egg covered in coca cola got stained by the coke. This could happen to our teeth.”

Seren said: “The one with the vinegar became very squishy. The shell was destroyed by the vinegar. It wasn't hard at all. This is what acid does to our teeth. The outer layer just comes off.”

This highlighted the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day.

We designed posters about teeth and these were judged by a dentist who came to talk to us. She said that the posters were brilliant and it was a very difficult decision.

Very well done to the following children:

Amaya: 1st prize, electric toothbrush

Elsie: 2nd Prize, toothbrush timer

Izzy and Emily will have their posters displayed in the window of the dentist surgery.