| Year 1

The Year 1 children have been discovering what life was like for children in Victorian times by travelling back in time.

The children got into their time machine and zoomed back to the Victorian times. Through role-play, they found out about the lives of rich and poor children during this time period.

The children were surprised at how hard life was for the poor children and they did not like the idea of getting up at 4am and walking five miles to work!

Most of the children thought that life was easier for rich Victorian children but they found it very surprising how different rich Victorian children’s parents were from their own parents. They could not believe that they were like strangers to their children and only saw them for an hour a day.

The children then produced some excellent writing in character as rich and poor Victorian children; they used time connectives, wow words and explained how they were feeling.

See some more photos of the Year 1 children learning about Victorian times in the photo gallery.