| Year 4

We have excitedly embraced the start of the new half-termly school topic: Good vs Evil.

As part of our moral and social education, learning to distinguish the good from the bad is necessary in order to live in society. Knowing how to differentiate between both and act accordingly is part of our job as world citizens.

We introduced the topic by relating the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to the five senses and colour. Our responses were really interesting, varied and thought provoking; for example good ‘is the cover of a book’ and ‘hearing the tune of an ice cream truck!’

We then enthusiastically made collages out of images from old newspapers and magazines, and we chose to make presentations of the things we thought represented ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in the world stimulating both our imagination and creativity and prompted much discussion and debate.

We also examined the ways in which Hindus remember good and evil through the story of Prahlad and their celebrations of HOLI.

As part of our new learning in creative art we have been studying the style and technique of Mondrian. We emulated this style, and used clear, bold, horizontal and vertical lines to divide our page and then chose the colours of red, blue, yellow and white to create a vibrant and energizing Mondrian-style piece of art. We cannot wait to do more in lessons yet to come!