| Year 6

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In Year 6 this term, learning in geography and science have been linked, with ‘Glorious Galapagos’ complementing a topic on Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance.

As an introductory hook, tthe children visited Marwell zoo last week, taking part in a hands-on workshop to learn about some adaptations of animals in a variety of different habitats, as well as following a trail around the zoo in order to look closely at the horns of various animals, to consider how they differ and possible reasons for this.

In science lessons, Year 6 will follow this up by finding out about how adaptation can lead to evolution, as well as how genetic traits are inherited. Learning in geography will focus on finding out about the landscape of the Galapagos Islands and how life there has diversified due to their remote location.

It is important that the children can make links between their learning in different subject areas and apply their skills and understanding to a range of related ideas.

See some more photos from the Year 6 trip to Marwell zoo in the photo gallery.