| Year 6

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Year 6 spent last week at Bowles near Tunbridge Wells, enjoying a week of climbing, skiing and other adventurous activities.

Blessed with fine weather for the majority of the week, Year 6 had a terrific time during their residential at Bowles. Everyone was able to challenge themselves to learn new things and develop their skills with a range of different outdoor activities. It was fantastic to see children persevering over longer sessions for skiing, climbing and orienteering, and supporting each other with teamwork and encouragement in every activity. The instructors commented on the children’s good listening skills and have-a-go-attitude as they worked in groups, applying strategies independently, for example during the woodland orienteering challenge. The introduction and feedback for each session linked well with our school Learning Powers, as the children were asked to set their own goals and reflect on how well they had achieved them. Each child was able to record their aims and achievements in their Bowles Explorer Journal, and they will be able to look back on this and see how much they learned and progressed during the week.

See Year 6 tackle the huge assortment of activities in our online photo gallery, along with a highlights video reel! Year 6 will also be reflecting on the challenges they faced at Bowles Rock, so keep checking back on our website.