| Year 6

Cyber Bullying Work 2
Answered Quizzes 1

Year 6 have been learning how to keep themselves safe online.

The children have been using PSHE and ICT lessons to learn how to keep safe online, as part of an ongoing unit of work around e-safety. So far the children have covered the topics of cyber-bullying, reducing their digital footprint and learning SMART rules for being online. We looked at the similarities and differences between bullying and cyber-bullying; concentrating on what we could do to prevent and report any issues. The children discussed why it is important to not be a bystander if they find themselves in a cyber-bullying situation and what they can do to ensure the problem is addressed for themselves or for their friends.

We moved on to looking at our digital footprints and the children were shocked by the amount of personal details some websites ask you to fill in although they are now well-practised in identifying what makes a website secure; they now keep a keen eye on all address bars! Some of the children had so many technical questions to ask, that we invited Mr Mullinger in, to share his expertise and answer them in depth.

The children were able to consolidate their learning so far by testing themselves in a SMART quiz. The most important message given was about sharing concerns with a parent or other trusted adult. We hope that the children are now better-equipped to make sensible judgements whilst online and talk openly about their computer use and any related concerns.