| Year 6

Year 6 were delighted to be invited to KES for an afternoon of German.

At Sherborne House, we believe that learning a foreign language from a young age is important which is why our children start French from Pre-Reception and introduce Spanish as an additional foreign language in Year 4.

It is important to awaken children’s interests in other people and cultures at a time when they are open and receptive; and more recent studies have shown that there are cognitive advantages that learning a foreign language brings, such as enhanced problem solving, or ability to switch tasks.

The children started by discussing what they knew about German and Germany, which brands came from Germany and why it was important to learn another language. They discovered that a lot of German words look like English words, for instance, ‘Haus’ and ‘house’.

Year 6 then practised greeting people and introducing themselves. They also learnt to count to 20 and played bingo, which was really fun. The children then sang a German song about opposites, which they had to mime.

Well done to all the children for their enthusiasm and hard work throughout the afternoon. A special shout out to Arthur and Faisel who were voted the best linguists of the day by the pupil helpers from KES. Thank you very much to the staff at KES for organising the afternoon and to Mrs Evans and Mrs Hopson-Hill for coming on the trip as well.