| Year 5

Our theme for this term, ‘The World is Our Oyster’, has opened up a treasure trove of discussion about the creatures that inhabit our planet, particularly those that live in the world’s waters.

In Theme lessons, we have explored a variety of creatures living in three of the ocean’s habitats: rock pools, coral reefs, and the deep sea. In English, our lessons have been based on the text ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers, which lends itself well to sharing further knowledge about marine life.

This week, we have focussed on writing short documentary narrations in the style of David Attenborough. Initially, we analysed the works of Attenborough and noticed that not only does he deliver factual information in his documentaries but he ensures that it is broadcasted through the art of story-telling. His use of description, figurative language and simple turns of phrase help to ‘hook’ his listeners. We have echoed this in our own writing.