| Year 5

Year 5 spent a fun-filled activity based week in PGL Liddington.

On arrival at Liddington Hall on Monday, the children went from a quick packed lunch, straight out to the first activities. The children were split into four mixed groups and all worked collaboratively on their first co-operative tasks, on a beautiful sunny day. Excitement mounted as they went up to the dorms after supper; everyone was happy to find out where they were sleeping and to unpack and move in. Finally, the evening ended with an energetic and competitive game of ‘Wacky Races’.

On Tuesday, everyone was up and eager to go after a hearty cooked breakfast. Each group had a range of different activities spread over the day such as climbing, orienteering, buggy building and fencing. Many children found one or two of the activities challenging and it was fantastic to see them face their fears and achieve success with the targets that they set themselves for each activity. After supper, the children went out for an evening game of Cludeo; with some energetic running around and clever thinking, the super sleuth Year 5's solved the mystery.

The children awoke on Wednesday and Thursday to beautiful sunshine. Year 5 enjoyed another delicious breakfast and then headed off to their activities. It was great to see the children encourage each other and build their team working skills in activities such as crate challenge, orienteering and buggy building. The evening finished with the traditional campfire and songs.

Friday dawned, and as the children gradually awoke, they packed up and moved out of the dorms before beginning their final activities. By lunchtime, all the groups had undertaken a range of different adventurous activities during their time at the centre and the PGL staff had commented on good teamwork and listening skills.

It seemed that everyone had a different favourite activity, but all agreed that they had had a fantastic time and had developed new friendships and teamwork across the year group.

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