| Year 4

In Year 4 we have started a new topic this term in Science of solids, liquids and gases. We have been learning about how everything is made up of a certain type of ‘matter’ and how the particles within all objects show whether they are a solid, liquid or a gas. We have also been looking at different types of gases and how the air we breathe is made up of multiple gases of varying percentages. As part of our science investigation we wanted to find out if gas weighed anything. We started with 100ml of different fizzy drinks which we weighed out carefully using digital scales. We then shook the drink to make it go flat, as well as leaving it out in the open for a period of time. Taking the weight of our fizzy drink at different points throughout the lesson, enabled us to see which of the drinks contained the most carbon dioxide and whether the drink going flat changed the weight of the 100ml of liquid. We discovered that gas does weigh something as the weight of all of our drinks changed throughout the lesson. Having already made a prediction, we were then able to write a conclusion based on our findings.