| Year 3

A new room has been discovered in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

There has been much chocolate related excitement in Year 3 English in recent weeks. An exciting discovery has been made at Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. A long forgotten production room has been unearthed! The children of Year 3 are thrilled to announce that they have found a wonderful new chocolate encapsulated room.

From chocolate tasting, to room designing, the children have been loving our work on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

They have all designed a fabulous new room that could easily have been included in the original by Roald Dahl himself. We have been thoroughly impressed by the imagination and range of rooms the children have invented.

Their scene descriptive techniques are growing all the time. The children are now in the process of writing their fabulous descriptions in neat. These are going to be accompanied by their beautiful room illustrations, that will be combined and be made into a wonderful class book, with a ‘3D’ pop out floor.