| Year 3

The children in Year 3 arrived at school and were eager to jump on board the coach for their trip to the Winchester Science Centre. After arriving at Winchester Science Centre, the children were quickly whisked off to their first activity of the day - Robots! During this workshop, the children were tasked to program a robot using software called ‘Crumble’. In small groups, the children followed a set of instructions to make their own robots move forward and added sparkles.

The children also explored many of the activities inside the science centre. They visited the ‘Explorer Space’ area of the science centre and enjoyed learning more about types of rocks. After refuelling at lunch time, the children also explored the remainder of the exhibits.

The final stop inside the Winchester Science Centre was to visit the Planetarium.

You can see photos of Year 3 programming their robots and taking part in the science museum activities in our online photo gallery.

"I really liked exploring and racing my friends on the racing track." - Will
"I enjoyed the mind game where you had to control the ball." - Naomi