| Year 3

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The children in Year 3 have been continuing their work on their science topic, magnets.

They were intrigued to know which magnets were the strongest and wanted to see if the bigger the magnet, the greater the magnetic force.

Before the experiment, the children predicted which magnet would be the strongest and explained why they thought this. Some children thought the horseshoe magnet would have the strongest magnetic force because it was the biggest, whereas others thought the bar magnet would be the strongest as it has the largest magnetic area.

As well as the excitement of experimenting with magnets, the children were even more enthusiastic due to an unexpected visitor, Mr Beach! The children worked with Mr Beach to test the magnetic strength of different magnets.

The cylindrical magnet managed to hold 77 paper clips and had to be held up to the height of the ceiling by Mr Beach. After the experiment, the children transferred their data from a table onto a bar chart, reinforcing their maths skills on statistics.

The children were inspired to complete their own experiment and were very excited to show off their science knowledge to Mr Beach!