| Year 3

Year 3 have been inspired by their history enquiry which has challenged them to answer our key question - How much did life really change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

This week, the children immediately set to work on their enquiry, discovering what life may have been like in the Stone Age by carefully excavating coprolites … better known as Stone Age poo! The children enjoyed the ‘yuck factor’ but also made some fascinating discoveries about the diet of these prehistoric people.

Creating their own cave paintings, they discovered just how difficult it may have been to communicate ideas without the written word before analysing a real cave painting from the Lascaux caves. Acting as historians, the children impressed their teachers with their inference skills, using the cave painting to make their own deductions about elements of Stone Age life such as: clothing worn, vegetation, weaponry, shelter, social organisation and shelter.

We are looking forward to more discoveries by our young historians as their enquiry develops.