| Year 3

The Year 3 children’s topic so far this term in History has been ‘Stone Age to the Iron Age’.

The children have enjoyed learning about life in the Stone Age and compared it to their lives now. They have learnt all about cave art and produced their own. During art lessons, the children have made their own Stone Age axes.

First, they took large sheets of newsprint paper and scrunched them together to make a rough Stone Age axe shape. The children used masking tape to secure the handle and axe head in place. Then they dipped strips of newsprint paper into the paper mache paste and wrapped the strips around the wooden handle shape and axe head. The children applied at least two layers of paper mache and left the Stone Age axes to dry - this took quite a while!

Finally, the children painted their axes using poster paint. They used brown, black and grey as earthy colours. The children are very proud of their final pieces!

See some photos of Year 3 creating their Stong Age Axes in the photo gallery.