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In History, Year 3 have been exploring the world of Ancient Egypt. More recently, the children have been studying Tutankhamun’s death mask and enjoyed using their art lessons to bring this concept to life.

During Year 3's art lessons, the children were given the opportunity to explore using the medium of charcoal and look closely at Tutankhamun’s golden death mask. The children quickly learnt that charcoal smudges very easily and they all ended up with very messy fingers.

They were set the task to sketch his death mask and added in individual detail before completing their work. They smudged different parts of their charcoal pictures to make light and dark areas, adding the perception of depth. Each child had their own individual take and were encouraged to add as much detail as possible. The children are all very proud of their finished pieces.

Well done to all the children for their fantastic art pieces. It was excellent to see their knowledge of the subject expand throughout their art lessons, as well as seeing their creative techniques develop.

On Thursday, the children also presented all their knowledge on Egypt, mummification and Tutankhamun in an assembly to their parents. Watch the video below.