| Year 2

Using a large selection of ingredients from fabric conditioners to food colourings, the pupils set to work on creating their own imaginative potions.

The children have been developing their writing skills using time connectives, adverbs and imperative verbs as part of their learning towards writing a set of instructions in the form of a recipe for a magic potion, which is linked to our selected story for study, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dhal.

What better way to create a list of ingredients for a recipe, than to try them out first, by making their very own potion!

The classroom was buzzing with excitement as various liquids changed colour and consistency and even erupted into overspilling, foaming brightly coloured bubbles.

The children’s wonderful creativity and imagination resulted in some very colourful potions, lots of interesting verbal descriptions and of course potion names.

We definitely feel that we have some inspirational scientists in Year 2, who are now eager to begin writing their detailed recipes, which of course will go on display in the classroom.