| Year 2

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Last Wednesday, Year 2 set off enthusiastically on their coach journey to visit The Living Rainforest in Newbury.

The children have been learning about animals and how they adapt to their environments in Science and have further developed their wider understanding in Geography, through studying the Amazon rainforest.

As they entered the rainforest enclosure, the children were enthralled by the visual impact of so many unusual species of plants, coupled with the sounds and humidity associated with life in this environment. They were very keen to explore as much as possible before their guided tour began, which enabled them to prepare many different questions in advance.

The children were especially keen to locate the sloth which, unfortunately, on this occasion was using its excellent form of camouflage to remain safely hidden from our view! From Poisonous Dart Frogs to Armadillos, Iguanas and Toucans, Snakes and Turtles, Godzilla the bird-eating Spider remained a firm favourite of the day, along with Luigi the Yellow Knobbed Curassow.

The guide gave pupils an inspiring and in-depth tour of the rainforest and was extremely impressed by the children’s questions and breadth of knowledge.

Back at school, the pupils will be creating their own rainforest and exploring each layer of the canopy, through different animals and their amazing adaptations. They will also be using their rainforest experience to create some imaginative poems using different styles of poetry, which is currently being studied in English.