| Year 2

As an introduction to our exciting creative activity, the children worked together to solve a series of clues, which had been hidden around the school grounds as a ‘treasure hunt’. Each clue led to another and each one featured a single letter. The children were totally engaged in their detective abilities and it was lovely to see the excitement on their faces as they raced to reach the next clue clue. When all the clue cards had been found, there was one more challenge to be solved. All the cards needed to be put together, so that the letters when ordered would spell out the title of the activity!

The children quickly worked out that their activity was to build a house from the Great Fire of London. In a flurry of shoe boxes, glue, paper, scissors and pencils the important construction began. It was rewarding to note how accurately the children were able to apply their measuring skills when cutting and assembling and how confidently they were using a wider range of vocabulary, in addition to helping and supporting each other collaboratively.

The children are all looking forward to their next task, which will be to paint and decorate their individual houses in keeping with that period of history. Watch this space for a truly exciting finale to this topic in a few weeks time!