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As part of Year 2's history topic on The Great Fire of London, and linked to their Talk 4 Writing unit on non-chronological reports, the children became firefighters for the day and brought their learning to life!

The children have been learning how to write a non-chronological report. The children have researched into fire safety, how fires start and how fires are used.

To support their learning and wider understanding, Year 2 had a very exciting visit from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. The children were able to go up into the main cab of the engine and sit in the driver and passenger seats. They learnt about the equipment on board and were even given the opportunity to control the main fire hoses alongside the firefighters, to feel the pressure of water needed to put a fire out.

In the classroom setting, the children have applied this experience and their own factual research to begin writing their own factual reports. The children all participated enthusiastically and the fire service were very impressed by the detailed questions they were asking.