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Our pirate adventure started when we received a message from a mysterious pirate and a series of clues that led us on a treasure hunt at the end of which we found our own treasure chest!

Our adventures have taken us across the seven seas with Captain Purplebeard from the book “The Pirate Cruncher” where we created our own sea monster in art and wrote character profiles in English lessons. We have also created our own pirate profiles which were collected by Captain Hook! He was so impressed with our writing that he invited us aboard his ship and left us some presents in our treasure chest; pirate diaries, hats and word mats! These are all helping us to write about our adventures on Captain Hook’s ship!

In our science lessons we received a video message from a pirate in distress! He needed us to test some materials for him to help him build a new ship as his old ship had been wrecked! We enjoyed testing lots of different materials to see which floated the best and have recorded our results to help the pirate! We are also testing materials to ensure that the pirate also knows which materials are best to make a waterproof outfit for wearing at sea!