| Year 1

In Year 1, our magical treasure chest delivered us another very exciting message! The children had been considering what qualities they had that would make them a fantastic member of Captain Hook’s crew. All children wrote a persuasive letter of application in which they began to apply rhetorical questions. We were excited to find that Captain Hook had left us a reply in our treasure chest, along with our pirate uniforms and a pirate diary for us to record our adventures aboard his ship! After making our pirate uniform hats, we set sail and explored our new home. Each day we went on a different adventure in Never Land, exploring Mermaid Lagoon, The Red Indian’s camp and the Lost Boys’ Den. The children wrote fantastic descriptions of their adventures using adjectives, similes and active verbs. A lot of their work can be seen in the Year One classrooms.

In Design and Technology, the children have now completed their junk model pirate ships. All children designed their own ship and have also evaluated their work. Their designs were well thought out and children drew on what they had learnt about the different areas of a pirate ship. Thank you to parents for donating junk modelling materials, we hope the children enjoy playing with their ships at home!