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The children in Year 1 have been focusing their learning on money. The children have been enjoying different practical activities in order to gain an understanding of how we use money in the ‘real’ world.

The children started the week by sorting through different amounts of money. The children learned how and why they were sorting the money in a particular way. The children also started to order different coins by their value.

The topic of coins tied in perfectly with 'World Maths Day'. One of the tasks the children participated in, was to give the Oxford Reading Tree characters their pocket money. The children did this by putting the correct amount of money in each character's money bags. Year 1 also bought items in their shop, adding up amounts and paying the shopkeeper.

The children also thoroughly enjoyed their money themed PE lesson where they worked in their houses and tried to earn coins by throwing bean bags into different hoops; Pines were delighted to be the winners.

The children all feel like money experts now, so if you want any money advice, then you know where to come!