| Year 1

The children in Year 1 have learnt about the lifecycle of a frog and quickly identified that a frog is an amphibian because it lays its eggs in water. This was linked to their learning from last half term about animal groups. Everyone spent time finding out about the sequence of events in a frog’s lifecycle and ordering them to ensure they knew what happens at every stage. The children have all then chosen their own way to present the lifecycle of a frog and have produced some lovely work, independently designed. Some children have written a book, some have produced a poster and some have even written a story! Year 1 are now waiting for the next stage in our own tadpoles’ lifecycle which is to see them start to turn into froglets. The children are all very excited by this and are looking forward to seeing their transformation! Perhaps this will inspire some more stories, posters and booklets in the Year 1 classrooms!