| Year 6

Excitement rose throughout the morning as Year 6 looked forward to their ramble around the locality, which whilst familiar to some of the children, it certainly was not to all our year 6 children.

The children donned a variety of footwear to begin their trek, even bringing in welly socks to cushion their feet on the long walk ahead.

The first port of call on the journey was Mr Bennet’s allotment, which is situated just off Ramalley Lane. Whilst it was far from looking its best, there was plenty of produce to test the children’s knowledge of fresh vegetables and fruits.

The first vegetable to identify was fennel, which promoted a few guesses along the line of thyme and rocket before the correct answer was given.

After this, a tasting session was offered and we were so impressed by how many of the children participated in eating grapes and runner beans. The funny thing was how many children commented on the seeds inside the grapes!

Once we crossed the railway line and the Monks Brook, we headed through Valley Park and children let off steam at the adventure playground.

By the time we were heading up Park Road the cries of ‘Are we nearly there?’ were echoing amongst many of the children.