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Year 5 have been delving into the world of Wishing Tales - taking inspiration from their focus text, "The King of the Fish".

Year 5 have kickstarted their year by studying an exciting new genre in English - Wishing Tales. They have been following the Talk 4 Writing formula and have been using their focus text, ‘The King of the Fish’, to inspire their own writing. Now they have learnt and internalised their focus wishing tale, they have been building upon their own writing skills by practising the specific writing features found within a wishing tale. Their ‘writing toolkit’ for this genre unit includes; the use of apostrophes, using a new line for every new speaker, the use of ‘ed’ sentence starters to show emotion, the use of ellipsis and the correct use of inverted commas to demonstrate speech. The children have developed each of these skills individually, in order to be able to apply these as part of their own writing. The children have also been analysing the structure of this type of story and have been reading other wishing tales in order to make comparisons surrounding the layout, structure, features and language used. This week, the children will begin to innovate the focus text, which will enable them to think about how they will develop their own story which we will start to plan next week!